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Mobile: (+60-12) 384-7153
Skype: gustav.helman
Date of Birth: March 14th, 67
Marital Status: single, no dependents


Consultancy Work

  • Online IB Facilitator for IB Asia-Pacific Duties: conduct online workshops to train prospective IB teachers and admin on IB matters, regulations, philosophy, OCC, creative professionalism, IT in the classroom, TOK, EE, and several subject groups.
  • IB Workshop Leader with IB Asia-Pacific Duties: conduct face to face workshop on IB matters, regulations, philosophy, OCC, creative professionalism, subject matters, TOK, EE, etc.

  • IB Diploma Programme and CAS Coordinator, at Chiyoda International School Tokyo. Duties: create feasibility studies, take the school to DP authorization, coordinate the Diploma Programme team, create Academic Honesty, and Assessment policies, develop the CAS programme and create links to the community, conduct parents information sessions in English and Japanese, work with the MYP Coordinator on transition between the programmes, develop policies for the MSHS, work together with the Head of School on Admissions to the MSHS, recruit teachers for the team, plan for the creating of new subjects, develop health and safety policies.

  • Whole School Languages Coordinator, at IGB International School. Duties: coordinate a team of World Languages teachers (Language and Literature, and Language Acquisition, PYP-MYP-DP-CP. On my first two years this position included English, too), facilitate Faculty meetings, mentor teachers in the team on IB matters, develop a Language Policy together with the PYP, MYP, and DP Coordinators, manage departmental budget, expand the language choice offerings in PYP, liaise with the parents' community regarding language choices, create a School Language Profile, work with the Admissions Department on language selections, liaise with the DP Languages self-taught external tutors, mentor teachers on the development of units of inquiry and statements of inquiry, develop a service component in the department, work towards the IB MYP Verification visit, IB CP authorization, as well as CIS accreditation visit, teach PYP/MYP/DP Spanish.

  • Head of Modern Foreign Languages, and IB Spanish B & Ab Initio teacher, at Dulwich College, Suzhou. Duties: Facilitate Faculty meetings, create common policies for MFL, mentor teachers in my team (on IB and IGCSE), conduct Performance Management of the teachers in MFL, host Parent Information meetings, manage MFL budget and create orders, organize and put in place Professional Development sessions for my team, revamp syllabus for every language subject, ensure application of vertical and horizontal alignment among MFL subjects, liaise with the parents' community to explain MFL matters as well as nature of IB Groups 1 and 2, and IA. From 2013, I am also an Online Workshop Leader (facilitator) for the International Baccalaureate's Supplementary PD Programme for Malaysia. On this role, I have facilitated workshops on assessment, effective teaching and learning planning, the 21st century learner, PYP, and MYP topics.

  • Teacher of HS and IB Spanish at Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur. Duties: teach Spanish I, II, III, IV, IB Spanish B and Ab Initio, coordinate study trips around Malaysia, as well Involved Citizen Day. Coordinated HS Student Council during 2003-2004. Organized After School Activities on Creative Writing. CAS advisor and Extended Essay supervisor. Created a Reading Program for Spanish classes. I have also worked on committees writing the Language section of the WASC Reports and the IB Review. Also, presented three workshops on Language and Culture and Language Teaching to fellow colleagues. Adviser to the Spanish Honor Society and to the National Spanish Exam. Chair of the Fundraising Coordination Committee (FCC). Created a GradeQuick Web user guide and trained fellow staff to use this grading program. Trained and supported teachers to use and troubleshoot Edline. Coordinated Malaysian Studies Trips to help a better understanding of Malaysian Culture within the student body. Created an holistic blog for Spanish learners in my classes.
    From 2009, I am an IB examiner for Ab Initio Spanish (for internal and external assessment). I am also an AP Reader for the College Board. From 2010, I am an IB Workshop Leader.

  • Teacher of Spanish and Japanese at Jakarta International School, Jakarta. Duties: teach MS Spanish and Japanese, present the workshop A different approach to language teaching at the SEEC Conference 2002, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; present a lecture to peers on Creative Writing.
  • IN U.S.A.

  • Trainer for Upstart Technologies, Inc. Duties: Training; Translations from/to Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese.

  • Spanish Language teacher for the International Baccalaureate program and Japanese Language teacher for Secondary and Primary school at The International School of Lusaka, in Zambia. Duties: Teach Spanish Language for the International Baccalaureate students, teach Spanish to Forms 1 and 2, and Japanese as an Elective Subject at the secondary school, coordinate field trips where the students are not allowed to use other language than the target language, create the scheme for a new subject called "Language Awareness" and teach Japanese in Elementary school. (According to theZambian government and the Japanese Embassy in Lusaka, I was the first and only Japanese Language teacher in the country)

  • Yokohama City Board of Education’s International Understanding Instructor. Duty: Responsible for teaching Argentine culture at Elementary Schools of the City of Yokohama, through games and activities allowing children to experience and live the culture.
  • 1996-1998
  • English Language Teacher, at the Yokohama City Nagata Center. Duty: Responsible for teaching English to adults.
  • Spanish Language Instructor at Totsuka Spanish Language Institute, in Totsuka Ward. Duties: Teach Spanish and Latin-American Literature to adults.
  • Oota Center for Japanese Language Studies, Tokyo. Duties: Responsible for teaching Japanese language, culture and traditions to foreigners.
  • Editor and publisher of "Argentinos en Asia", magazine for the Argentine community in Japan. Duties: Writing the children's section, in charge of the Tango and Literature sections, and proofreading the magazine.

  • Latin-American and Spanish Literature teacher for Junior and Senior High School at Colegio San Isidro Labrador, and Workshop Facilitator at Saint George Elementary School and James Greenwood College, in Buenos Aires City. Duties: Taught Spanish and Grammar, Latin-American and Spanish Literature, created the scheme for the workshops, held Literature, Journalism and Photo Workshops and contests. Instituted and directed school trips and "inter-subjects activities" about art and cinema -including the development of teaching materials-, serving as a liaison between the teachers and speaking before various groups. Led training courses about Reading Comprehension and the Methodology of the Speech Contest and Debate Contest to the school staff. Reason for leaving: Going to Japan to do a research in Curriculum Development and Foreign Language Teaching at Yokohama National University's Graduate School of Education. (Completed on March, 1997)
  • 1988-1992
  • Producer and host of radio show "Gypsies in the Lighthouse", FM Station "La Zona" (89.3 MHz), in Buenos Aires. Duties: Made interviews, wrote the radio-dramas and played a few of the characters. Served as a member of the production and direction team.






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