To learn vocabulary and verb conjugation, Spanish A created a real supermarket.

Part of the Modern Language Curriculum should be related to the culture that supports a language. Austin Ward Yoder playing a Cuban tune after his master-class on Cuba.

March 2002. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The SEEC Conference is held gathering 250 teachers from International Schools around the region and I was invited as a Workshop Facilitator. "A language workshop: A different approach to language teaching" was the workshop I presented. 35 teachers attended and enjoyed it. The workshop also helped me to develop a Modern Language Forum Online, for idea exchange among language teachers.

May 2002. With a group of students to Bali, on a trip to learn the culture of the island.

Preparing Balinese delights...

Learning the art of Balinese mask painting

Creating our own watercolours

Interviews are an excellent opportunity to achieve fluency and new vocabulary in the language. Carles Ramos Laorden -philosopher from Barcelona- during a pearl moment of the interview with Spanish C.

Spanish C interviewing famous psychologist from Barcelona, Isabel Centelles Roca. The interview was about her major -sleep disorders- as well as her life. In this way, the class was able to learn and use new vocabulary related to this field.

Spanish should be understood not only as a language to speak to Spanish native speakers, but also as a medium of communication. To achieve this goal, an interview to a non-native speaker who is fluent in the language of Cervantes, David Windhal. The picture shows Mr. Windhal on an interview where he was asked about the issues that he faces as school psychologist at Jakarta International School.

The Japanese class shows its latest project on Ikebana, Japanese traditional flower arrangement.